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We offer general dental care, periodontal treatment to fight and prevent gum disease, and smile makeovers. 

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Smile makeovers for your best smile yet

If you have ever wanted to have the perfect smile, tailor made for you, or would like to improve on your current smile aesthetics, then you are looking for a smile makeover. 

Total dental care and general dentistry

We apply a big picture methodology to our treatment. We'll restore your teeth, save teeth, replace missing teeth and handle any teeth that need to be extracted.

Periodontal treatment to tackle gum disease

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease affects about a quarter of people. Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s hereditary or out of the person's direct control.

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Crowns (Crown with lab fee included)


$203.00 - $441.00



Routine Checkup (during cleaning)


Emergency/Consult Exam

$192.00 - $287.00

Cleaning Appointment (checkup + scale and polish)

$38.00 - $231.00

X-rays (based on number needed and type)

$696.00 - $1344.00

Root Canal Treatments (based on number of canals in the tooth) 1 - 4 canals 

 $190.00 - $433.00

Fillings (Based on size of filling and what tooth it is on)

Full Dental Exam

Our menu of most popular services (our pricing is directly from the Ontario fee guide and here for you to see). Transparent  prices are very important to us. Our goal is to empower you to
know how much dental procedures actually cost in Ontario.

Dental services pricing menu

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  • Join our exclusive membership for as little as $65 per month, and get the coverage you need for essential services like dental exams, cleanings, X-rays and more.
  • You'll get access to discounts on dental services for you and your whole family.

  • Be sure to find out your insurance coverage ahead of your appointment by checking online or calling your insurance provider directly
  • We'll help you keep track of how much coverage you have left in the year, so you can maximize the use of your insurance plan
  • We'll submit the bill directly to your insurance company and they pay us their portion directly. 
  • You’ll pay the remaining balance (if any).

we accept all private insurance and healthcare spending accounts

direct billing

No insurance? we've got you covered.

indirect billing

  • Pay up front and submit the bill yourself to your insurance.
  • The pros of this is you are more in charge of your finances, and if you pay with a credit card, you can collect points or cash back
  • The only con is having to pay upfront and waiting a few days for the money from the insurance company. 

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Take control of your oral health with regular care 

total dental care for you and your family


A bridge is an option for replacing one or two missing teeth. Replacing the missing teeth with a bridge provides harmony in your bite and chewing so you don’t have to think about what you’re eating or how.

Composite Fillings (Restorations) 

Catching cavities when they are small and fixing them early is key for preventing any of those above mentioned problems from happening. Tooth decay is best visualized with X-rays and our own eyes.

Root Canal Treatments

When the nerve of a tooth dies, becomes infected or inflamed, we often recommend a root canal treatment to extend the life of the tooth for years and even decades. To preserve these teeth for longer, most root canal treated teeth will require a crown.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding at night can wear down teeth, create unnecessary pain and discomfort, and contribute to teeth sensitivity. Using a night guard can help protect your teeth and prevent teeth grinding related headaches and jaw pain.


When a tooth has had multiple fillings or a root canal treatment, in general it has lost a lot of its original structure that a has been replaced with filling material (composite). A crown is a heavy duty restoration that covers the entirety of the tooth and diverts forces around the tooth rather than directly onto it. There are 3 different materials used for crowns: emax ceramic (most common), zirconia ceramic, and metal. 


Dentures are a tried and true way to replace multiple missing teeth at once. Dentures, unlike implants and bridges are removable. You take them out at night to clean them, and getting used to them takes a while. Usually dentures require a 3 or 4 appointments to make sure the fit is perfect, and after that some follow-up appointments to make adjustments is normal. 


Implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth or even multiple missing teeth. Just like a tooth has a root and crown, an implant is made up of two components: the implant and the implant crown. The implant acts like the root of the tooth. It’s a pure titanium screw that is inserted into the bone.

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Resample saliva and new analysis of bacterial numbers should show an overall reduction in bad bacteria and increase in good bacteria.


We take our starting measurements (how advanced is the disease, aka how much attachment has already been lost, if any).


Take a sample of saliva and have our lab inform us on the amount of periodontal disease causing bacteria are naturally present in your mouth.


Combination therapy including: antibiotics, frequent deep cleanings, specialized mouth rinse, and more.

Your journey to healthier gums is just a few treatments away! Here's how we can help:

We take a holistic approach to tackling gum disease

periodontal treatment for gum disease

Smile makeovers for a more confident you

Invisalign, teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and more

Working closely with our lab, we design the shape, size and shade of the teeth for a long lasting custom smile you'll love.

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Whitening is a quick and non-invasive way of improving the brightness of your smile.


We can improve the shape and brightness, or close a few gaps. Composites mimic the shade of natural teeth and can be built up to any shape.

Composite buildups

If your teeth aren’t aligned or are crowded, we can improve smile aesthetics, alleviate crowding and correct or normalize the bite. The typical Invisalign treatment lasts between 1 to 1.5 years in duration.

Invisalign or Clear Aligners

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Direct billing and other payment options

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I park?

1. Where can I park?

There are plenty of parking options that are close by. There are two green P lots, one located on Keele street just south of Dundas, on the east side of Keele (lot 18). The other is also on Keele street but just north of Dundas, and on the west side. In addition, during non-rush hours, Dundas street has street parking available.

2. Do you accept insurance, and which providers do you work with?

2. Do you accept insurance, and which providers do you work with?

Yes, we accept most dental insurances in Ontario. To lighten your experience, we have the ability to send claims on your behalf directly to your insurance provider and get paid directly from them. Any balance remaining is up to you. This is called direct billing.

To make this process even easier, it would be a great help to us if you bring in a breakdown of coverage from your insurance company on your first visit. This way we can understand your policy and better answer any future questions about your coverage.

3. What payment options do you offer?

3. What payment options do you offer?

4. How do I schedule an appointment?

4. How do I schedule an appointment?

There are two ways to schedule an appointment. The first is to book online through our website portal to find a time that works for you.

The second option is to call the office (416)-761-0176 and book over the phone.

If you have an emergency it is better to call, as we can be more flexible with finding a time over the phone. When you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with your date and time. If it’s your first visit, you’ll get a secondary email with some information and online forms to fill out before you come in.

5. What should I expect during my first visit?

5. What should I expect during my first visit?

Our aim is to make you feel right at home. When you enter our space you will be greeted by a host that will check you in and invite you to come in and explore or hang out in the lounge.

You may help yourself to some coffee or drinks while you wait. We have charging stations and free wifi for your convenience. When your room is ready, your assistant will come meet you and bring you in to meet your dentist.

"I was a bit nervous to go to the dentist as I had a bad experience before which brought on some anxiety, but by the end I was actually looking forward to going back here. These guys are absolute pros!

The facility looks like it is state of the art and all the staff are welcoming and friendly! Dr. Minkov walked me through the process of examining my teeth, cleaning, and follow up. They also have this cool machine that shows you 3D imaging. Overall everything was super relaxing and fast!"

- alex s.

"Had a great experience at this dental office. The appointment booking is so easy and seamless, the staff are so friendly and approachable. Doctors are knowledgeable and honest, they use the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment.

Also the atmosphere is different from regular dental offices as it's super welcoming and comforting. Definitely book your appointment today!"


Kind words from our patients

- Mona h.

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